At Different Solutions, TEAMWORK is written with capital letters. For us, teamwork is a very important element to finish incoming tasks successfully. Working together helps us, to make the extensive tasks simple and structure the complexity of projects.


Challenging makes us better. An "it won't work" doesn't exist. That's how we learn permanently and develop our own skills constantly. Further more, the challenge moves us everyday, to finish another project successfully and to continue the improvement of our software.


Working creatively means for us, to look beyond one's own nose. So we can develop ideas, which differentiate us from other competitors and make us unique. Join-up thinking and the pleasure for association gets part of the daily work, which cause an effective problem solving.

Advanced Training

The technic changes permanently and an old technic could be the reason for a bad realization of a project. That means, we have to improve our skills consistently to be always up to date. Because our customers deserves nothing more than the best possible solution.


Cross appreciation is essential for a good collaboration in a company. With the appreciation, we show our employees, colleagues or customers, that we hold them in a high regard and respect them. The outcome of this is a relationship, which is oriented to long-term collaboration.

Social Responsibility

As a medium-sized enterprise, it is our duty to take over social responsibility. It is our voluntary contribution for providing a sustainable business development, considering environmental issues and saving and looking after the relationship to our employees, colleagues and customers.


Success proves us right and motivates us, to face new tasks diligently. But we don't measure the success only with monetary units. We measure the success also on the basis of our working atmosphere and especially with the satisfaction of our employees and customers.


Fun needs to be in your daily work. With fun, tasks were completed gladly and carefully. Tasks were approached with a higher commitment. Moreover, fun is the reason, why our employees really like their work and in particular our customers benefits from it.