Different Solutions released accounting/billing module for VTC Complete System for vtiger CRM.

28 June 2011 10:49 ·  Category: Different Solutions

Different Solutions, released accounting/ billing module for VTC.

Invoices, reminders, credit memos, cancellations, open items or incoming invoices – with the accounting/billing-modul of VTC for small and medium sized companies, you have everything under control.

The advantages of the accounting/ billing module for VTC are efficient handling of payment transactions, total cost control by invoice management, automated and intelligent reminders, every time overview of your company figures and with current updates always up to date.

In the invoice-module you are able to create invoices in PDF format for sending via email or for printing. The invoice module uses the already stored customer, product or service information. So you don’t need to enter e.g. address, payment terms and prices each time you visit. Thus the invoices always correspond your requirements.
In addition to standard invoices you have the option of rates invoice, abbonement invoice, partial invoice and final invoice.

In the settings the administrator has the ability to assign individual dunning levels. This can be separately configured depending on status and for different types of invoices (standard, Abbo, rates, discount invoices, etc.).

About the Quick Edit mask, payments can be captured depending on the types of invoice, after previously searched invoice numbers.

You always have an overview of outstanding invoices(open items). You directly manage the payment in the invoice module.

Pressekontakt / weitere Informationen:
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